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  • Bonus Session

    Our friends found themselves sailing on a beautiful day, with the sun shining, the water crystal clear, the breeze warm, the waters themselves warm, many colored fish darting about therein... Below decks, [[Mira]] spent her time reading. [[:kathrine- …

  • Session 1

    Seven strangers sail on a passenger ship from the small fishing town of [[Cearo]] to [[Port Suranne]], a bustling port city. They are: [[:segomo | Segomo]], a male dwarven cleric [[:manus-mcelroy | Manus McElroy]], a male human bard [[:homer-the- …

  • Session 2

    The merry men, and women, as they row, talk amongst another, lifeboats tied together so as not to drift. They discuss at length... should we go east? Should we go south? Perhaps southeast? After a wide-ranging, deep, satisfying discussion on the …

  • Session 3

    Leaving the sewer, the party decides to rest and freshen up, sharpening swords, repairing armor, eating, and drinking, as they ponder their next move. [[:blath]] ventures to the dock and works a short but grueling day loading and unloading ships while he …

  • Session 4

    h5. Friday Night / Saturday morning Trying hard to appeal to the werewolf but ultimately failing, the party then turns to debate over what to do with the werewolf. [[:manus-mcelroy]] champions the cause of mercy and lawfulness, to which the party …

  • Session 5

    The scene opens on a Saturday night, with little going on save resting. The [[Adventurer's Guild]] convocation is tomorrow, and the party seems ill-at-ease to finish it and leave town before trouble comes looking for them. An overcast sky offers no …

  • Session 6

    After resting up and healing up, including removing the curse of [[:blath]]'s lycanthropy, the group goes down to the docks to see about chartering a ship to chase after the [[Amandine]]. As they wait for [[Captain Johnathan]]'s ship to come into port, …

  • Session 7

    The capture of the [[Amandine]] has given the crew a strong call to the horizon. [[:kathrine-of-sagal | Katey]] thinks it best to go after an item of legend and searches within [[Roack]] for a library at which to research, soon finding the small but well …

  • Session 8

    Still in the realm of dreams, the party continues out the door at [[Kendrick the Dead]]’s instruction, and finds on the other side, a cavern where they encounter [[Herman Sewald]]. Although he continually tries to evade, both physically and verbally, the …

  • Session 9

    The party marches through the forest with the centaur guards. On the journey, [[Mira]] asks the centaurs about the sea monster. They do not know why it is active as of late, but it does not threaten their lands and they don't much worry about it. …

  • Session 10

    At centaur's camp, [[Desmond]] and [[:segomo]] talk about where they're from and why they're here. Segomo says his relationship with the party is of mutal benefit and that besides, he's grown to like these guys Later, [[:kathrine-of-sagal | Katey]] …

  • Session 11

    Afraid but undeterred by the multitude of creatures down the drow hole, the party devises an ingenius plan. They send [[:homer-the-great | Homer]], in gaseous form and invisible, down to investigate and get all the infromation they can before they make a …

  • Session 12

    The party feels they cannot risk stirring up trouble with the drow and the goblin, but refusing to despair, they go to check out another drow location from the map. Entering in, they find an empty cave chamber, and a tunnel leading to the west. A few -- …

  • Session 13

    The party goes to the sea to smash some kuo-toa after giving up on the harp. They fight some kuo-toa. Aethelfirth fireballs the crap out of them and it's down to 3 kuo-toa minions and two kuo-toa priests. They also capture one of the priests. During …

  • Session 14

    -Segomo spends himself in fasting and prayer to divine what to do to raise Mira. The bowsprit of the ship glows, and then upon reaching the town, the spire of the temple of Ehlonna glows. -Mira is raised in exchange for a month's musical service at the …

  • Cearo

    Cearo is a fishing town on a small peninsula. Its main trade is in fresh fish and passenger traffic to bigger ports in the region.

  • Port Suranne

    Port Suranne is a medium-sized city on the eastern coast of [[Cimbria]], the main continent. Its main industry is sea trade, as it has quick and safe access to most of human lands, the heart of elvish land, and the entire south dwarven coast.

  • Cimbria

    Cimbria is the main continent. It has two main regions: the innerlands, unsettled forestry and mountain chains that contain dangerous creatures of every type; and the outerlands, a settled region along the coasts that is inhabited by three main groups: …

  • Isle Tagus

    Isle Tagus is the eastern continent, smaller and less diverse than Cimbria, but rich in all resources and free of great danger from beasts. The middle of the island is full of centaurs, who claim the entire island as their home but are limited to the …

  • King Edward the Wise

    King Edward Winston, "Edward the Wise" is the king of the humans. Edward's family has been on the throne for eight generations. Edward is 52 years old and has two sons, the elder Prince James and the younger Prince Lyric.

  • King Fargrim Battlehammer

    King Fargrim is the king of the dwarves and is the 15th of his line on the throne. King Fargrim is 230 years old and has 10 sons by official count and, if the rumors are true, then perhaps a few dozen more. Fargrim is a revered war hero who personally …

  • King Lucian

    King Lucian is the king of the elves. He is 600 years old and has many sons and daughters who have agreed, rather than pursuing the throne, to allow a vote at the end of Lucian's reign to determine the next leader of the elven free peoples.

  • Old Common

    Old Common is the language of old, spoken by the humans a great long time ago, before they were driven from the [[Ireland]] region in north Cimbria to the coast lands. Many old books and legends and songs survive from Old Common, but there are few if any …

  • Ireland

    Ireland was the region of north [[Cimbria]] controlled by the humans before the [[Great Northern War]] saw them driven to the coasts and from there to [[Isle Tagus]]. Its capitol was [[Dublin]].

  • Dublin

    Dublin was the human capitol in the old times. It is now controlled by dwarves. Dublin sits about 20 miles inland from the northeastern coast of [[Cimbria]]. It is surrounded by mountains to the south and rolling plains to the north, all the way out to …

  • Northern Great War

    The Northern Great War took place nearly 300 years ago. The dwarves, united under [[King Fargrim Battlehammer]], rose up from the mountains to remove the humans from surrounding lands, taking land from the mountains where they lived from ancient times, …

  • Murdrick Ocean

    The Murdrick Ocean is the ocean that stretches above north [[Cimbria]]. It was first discovered by the great human explorer [[Murdrick]] and its icy waters are home to many creatures dangerous and fascinating.

  • Murdrick

    Murdrick is a hero of great renown. He is perhaps best known for mapping and settling the hilly region north of the [[Killock Mountains]] and mapping all the way north to the ocean, which was unanimously named after him. A book called [[Murdrick's …

  • Killock Mountains

    The Killock Mountains are the mountains forming a chain from east to west across north [[Cimbria]]. They provide a natural home for the dwarves from ancient times and provide a safeguard against the dangerous creatures of the north innerlands.

  • Pemberton

    Pemberton is a tiny thorp on the shores of [[Isle Tagus]], south of [[Roack]]. Pemberton consists of 6 houses, a church, and a hall, with fishermen, their wives and children, and a handyman. The party visits Pemberton in [[Session 2]].

  • Roack

    Roack is a medium-sized port city on the northwestern shore of [[Isle Tagus]]. It is a bustling trade hub and hosts a standard complement of shops and buildings, as well as an active nightlife. [[Dragon's Den]], the [[Shoreside Inn]], and the [[Piss …

  • Anselm

    Anselm is a member in good standing of the [[Adventurer's Guild]] and a friend of the druid [[Finnegan]]. Anselm has a small house in [[Roack]] on a dead-end street near the sewer from [[Session 2]].

  • Brother Calum

    Brother Calum is the elder priest in the temple of [[Kord]] in the city of [[Roack]]. The party encounters Brother Calum in [[Session 4]], when he removes the curse of lycanthropy from the werewolf.

  • Kord

    Kord is the god of Athletics, Sports, Storms, Brawling, Strength, and Courage. His symbol is an eight-pointed star composed of spears and maces. [[File:390489 | class=media-item-align-center | Kord.png]]

  • Adventurer's Guild oath

    An oath of bravery and honor. "I promise to be a worthy adventurer: to be bold, to live a noteworthy life, and to foster a reputation for honor."

  • Iron Boots

    The Iron Boots are a team of five adventurers who are invited to join the [[Adventurer's Guild]], but fail in courage during the events of the convocation in [[Session 5]].

  • Amandine

    The Amandine is a well-appointed sea ship. It has stairs leading down to a captive's area at the rear, stairs leading down to a crew quarters and dining area at the bow end, three cannon on the starboard side, and a room in the center accessed past the …

  • Seafarer's Guild

    The Seafarer's Guild is an international cooperative that connects one sailor to another. Membership is a distinction only for men and women who have proven themselves worthy sailors.

  • Captain William

    Captain William is a 57-year-old man with decades of sailing experience under his belt. He is a tall man with grey hair and beard who likes order and seeing shores both familiar and foreign.

  • Gilbert, Geoffrey, and Simon

    Gilbert, Geoffrey, and Simon are long-time sailors under the command of [[Captain William]]. They are in their late thirties and early fourties. They are athletic, skilled sailors who show great respect for William.

  • Finnd and Cormac

    Finnd and Cormac are old sailors in their sixties. They have served under many a regime and were with [[Captain André LeBoucher | Captain André]] at the time of the events of [[Session 1]]. They now sail the [[Amandine]] under the command of [[Captain …

  • Forgotten Items of Yesterday

    Forgotten Items of Yesterday is a beautifully bound and illustrated book with large vellum pages full of legendary swords, armors, and sundry items. The party finds the tome in [[Session 7]] in [[Aethelfirth]]'s private house library. Page 14, …

  • Golden Harp

    The Golden Harp is a harp on which not only is the body made of gold, but the strings are made of gold, using Elven secrets that are lost to time. Its tones are legendary for their sweetness and clarity. In Elvish: Nandëmahl

  • Mandolin of Yelm

    The instrument played famously by [[Yelm]], it has serenaded the great figures of the time and was played by the most skillful man to ever touch a pick. It was widely sought after for generations after Yelm's death, but was never found.

  • Yelm

    Yelm was a bard of ancient days, long considered the greatest musician of his time or any time before or since. He was famously guarded and took his secrets to his grave. Yelm founded the [[City of Yelm]] as a city of refuge for the unwanted and the …

  • City of Yelm

    The City of Yelm was founded by [[Yelm]] as a city for the lost and a refuge for the broken. Well-received at first, it fell into disrepair after Yelm's death and was eventually abandoned. The City of Yelm is on the northwest shores of [[Cimbria]].

  • The Commodores

    The Commodores is a band of yesteryear, once a favorite of [[Aethelfirth]] and his wife, but they have long since retired.

  • Free Bird

    Free Bird is Free Bird. It is unknown how this song made its way into ancient times, but the legend of the song that nobody knows how to play has spread far and wide. Incidentally, only our party knows how to play it. Free Bird was taught to the …

  • Murdrick's Tales

    Murdrick's Tales is a history book covering the life of the famous explorer [[Murdrick]], from his teenage years when he first began to win renown, to his disappearance and presumed death on his expedition to the south pole. The tome is the oldest …

  • Vëarainë Channel

    The Vëarainë Channel is the wide river that connections the [[Vëarainë Sea]] to the ocean in northeast [[Isle Tagus]].

  • Ethir

    Ethir is an elven town at the mouth of the [[Vëarainë Channel]]. The party comes to Ethir in [[Session 7]].

  • Vëarainë Sea

    The Vëarainë Sea is the sea in the northeastern quarter of Isle Tagus. It is roughly 100 miles wide and generally carries mercantile and fishing ships to and from ports on its shores.

  • Herman Sewald

    Herman Sewald is a goofy dude whom the party encounters in [[Session 9]]. He avoids fighting as much as he can. [[File:405427 | class=media-item-align-center | Herman_Sewald.jpg]]

  • Brian

    Brian is [[:manus-mcelroy | Manus's]] trusty donkey. [[File:405430 | class=media-item-align-center | Brian.jpg]]

  • Kendrick the Dead

    Kendrick the Dead is just like [[Kendrick the Red]], except he's dead. The party encounters him in the realm of dreams in [[Bonus Session]] and [[Session 8]].

  • Wally

    Faithful guard of [[:kathrine-of-sagal]]. May he Rest in Peace. [[File:405479 | class=media-item-align-center | Wally.jpg]]

  • Desmond

    Desmond is a male human monk of good character and bravery. The party first encounters him in [[Session 9]], and he joins the party. Desmond is played by John Davis.

  • Celine

    Celine is the drow priestess who is captured by the party in [[Session 12]]. She escapes the party under [[Mira]]'s watch in [[Session 13]], killing Mira.

  • Homer the Great

    Homer the Great began his early life inspiring men through his charismatic voice by telling stories to weary travelers at the local inn. One stormy night, the inn was packed wall to wall with travelers and merchants passing through the town. Homer …

  • Kathrine of Sagal

    [[File:382742 | class=media-item-align-none | unnamed.jpg]] Kathrine, sometimes known as Madam Raven, is a human sorceress with a hazy past. She has worked most of her life off of the sweat of others, using her expert tongue to convince others to part …

  • Manus McElroy

    Born some odd years ago near [[Dublin]], Manus grew up of a quiet and introspective disposition. During his early adult years he began to come into his own, socially speaking, blessed with a natural charisma that drew others to him despite his idea of …

  • Blath

    Blath is a young man of about 20 years. He was born to a single human mother (a bar wench - they say she was comely back in the ol day) in a coastal seafaring sort of town. He never knew his father. The man his mother claimed was his father was a half-elf …

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