Kathrine of Sagal

Naughty By Nature



Kathrine, sometimes known as Madam Raven, is a human sorceress with a hazy past. She has worked most of her life off of the sweat of others, using her expert tongue to convince others to part with their money and earthly possessions. She lives an elegant life, only staying at the finest inns, only eating the finest meals. Kathrine has a servant named Baldric who attends to her personal needs and carries out some of her business.

Before her life of crime, Kathrine worked as a stable girl, and later a tailor. It was at this point in her life that the haze sets in. She can vaguely remember a life at sea, which she once again seeks. It was at this point she supposes that she was stricken with the magical power of a sorceress.

This newfound gift found her alienated from society. The alienation eventually led to Kathrine living for herself and pursuing a life of crime. She is very choosy about what crimes she commits, however, having her own personal set of morals that guides her.

Kathrine was most recently a part of a group of like-minded thieves who worked together. She was betrayed at a moment of most importance and it was this thing that caused her to take that boat and start a new life.

Kathrine seeks wealth and power. She seeks to give out justice as she sees fit and to pay back the people who have harmed her.

Kathrine of Sagal

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