Homer the Great

Male human bard


Homer the Great began his early life inspiring men through his charismatic voice by telling stories to weary travelers at the local inn. One stormy night, the inn was packed wall to wall with travelers and merchants passing through the town. Homer performed his usual skits and poems to the audience. Unbeknownst to Homer, he was entertaining the masses while he was being closely watched by an epic bard.

After the show, the epic bard, Herodotus, spoke to Homer and showed interest in his great skills. “Only a few things separate a good bard from a great bard…..” Herodotus hands him a guitar pick and puts his hand on Homer’s shoulder. “Son, this pick was passed down from bards throughout history. Play your instrument of choice and you will find that a power greater than I can understand will empower you with unearthly-like abilities in your performances. I grow old and tired of being a bard, I would rather live for myself now.” He hands the pick over. “To pass the true power I must say the following: You are chosen from hence forth. You will take the power of this pick to pass on the skills of bards. Use this skill to your fullest and do not hide your skill; however, the original creator of the pick is the true owner, and this pick should be given to him upon request.” Homer inspects the pick with great awe at the unique marking of the old world. “Homer, will you accept this honor and great weight, will you travel the world to spread the great word of bards, and do you accept that you are merely a temporary owner until the creator seeks what once was his?” Homer says, “I do”. Within seconds, Herodotus seems as though a weight is lifted off his shoulders and he seems to becoming more and more pale. “My friend, you will do fine.” As he begins to turn, Herodotus falls to the ground and ceases breathing.

As a young adult, Homer wrote great poetry and short stories that were revered by people throughout the world. The astonishing symbolism and detail was far beyond any person before, and of course, Home kept the pick in his pocket during all of his writings and shows. As his name grew and his works became more popular, he began to feel that there is more to life than sitting at his home and writing of adventures he yearned to seek.

One day, Homer became fed up with writing and playing local shows because everything seemed so easy. He then decides to travel the world and create his own adventures, which he will use to write his masterpiece. Equipped with a magical electric guitar, harp, and a rapier, Homer boards a boat to travel to a new area.

Homer the Great

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