male human bard, total honkey


Blath is a young man of about 20 years. He was born to a single human mother (a bar wench – they say she was comely back in the ol day) in a coastal seafaring sort of town. He never knew his father. The man his mother claimed was his father was a half-elf, and as Blath is not at all elf, this is obviously a fabrication. Nevertheless the half-elf was kind to Blath and raised him as his own son, yea verily, as the fruit of his own loins. The half-elf had lived in a very inland forest elf region, from whence he was outcast due to his penchant for singing songs about the sea, which was thought to be in poor taste in that area.

The Half-elf had passed his days wandering and seeing the wide and varied sights of the world and sea before meeting Blath’s mother in the coastal town. The half-elf instilled in Blath a sense of wonder and appreciation for exploration, and taught him the basics of the bardly arts.

Sadly the half-elf’s wanderlust could not be satisfied for long by the aging bar wench, and he departed, who knows where. Thereafter Blath came to the age when a boy becomes a man, and as he desired to see the world for himself, he bade farewell to the bar-wench and the sleepy coastal town on the coast.


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