Pirates D&D

Session 9

The party marches through the forest with the centaur guards. On the journey, Mira asks the centaurs about the sea monster. They do not know why it is active as of late, but it does not threaten their lands and they don’t much worry about it.

Continuing the journey, the centaurs stop all of a sudden, having spotted a plume of smoke. A few go to check it out, and none of the party wants to go with them, so they stay behind. When the 3 centaurs find the campsite, they discover Desmund, a shirtless monk. Desmund speaks Elven, and the centaurs speak to him and tell him nobody is allowed in their lands unescorted, and they will take him to the elders, along with the party, so the elders can decide what to do with all these people. Desmund introduces himself to the party when the centaurs bring him back to the group.

On the way to the elders, Mira and Segomo check the centaurs’ butts as they walk to see if they poop while they walk, like horses, but it is unclear as there is no pooping at the present time.

Segomo, trying to make idle chat with the centaurs, asks about the weather, launching the apparent leader of the guard into a long rant about the weather; he knows it like the back of his hoof, as do many centaurs, for they follow the weather in order to spot omens.

The party arrives at a clearing as it begins raining, with the centaur elders standing and discussing their fates. The guards are chastised somewhat, to the party’s satisfaction, for their suggestion that they should follow the party everywhere until they are off centaur lands. A better solution, it is decided, is that the party will be given a test, which is to help the centaurs clear out the remaining drow in the area, so that eventually the centaurs can leave this area better than they found it and move on in their migration. Desmund volunteers to go along, and the party makes way to a cave, with a small mouth, at the base of a mountain, a cave which centaurs have been unable to get into in order to explore and clear it out.

Entering the cave, they see before long, graffiti on the walls, a lewd depiction of a drow with a large knife disemboweling a centaur. Exploring further, they find interred in an upper passage seven deceased drow, and wisely choose not to disturb them for fear of the consequences. Manus says it’s bad luck to disturb a body, and Katey‘s bodyguard, Wally, won’t touch them either. They go into a lower passage which spirals slowly down and follows a small stream. At the bottom of the passage, a great room with walls too far away to see opens before them, and as Segomo is unable to keep stealthy, the noise of their passage alerts some drow — two fighters and two wizards — who are in the room, who run to the adventurers and engage them in battle.

Although they get hit with a good thunderwave, the first thing the drow wizards do is cast a large poison cloud, which severely harms all but Segomo and Homer, who have rushed forward in battle to engage in melee. Wally goes down instantly and most of the party, shocked and dismayed at this turn of events, turns tail and gets out of there, although Segomo stays behind to slay two drow fighters. Desmund passes out but, still breathing, is picked up by Manus and rescued. The last thing the party sees before leaving is both drow wizards casting Greater Invisibility.

After returning to the centaurs and telling the tale, the centaurs grieve that the party was not as heroic as the centaurs had assumed from their mission of finding a legendary item such as the Golden Harp. They decide to rest up and try again, and Aethelfirth volunteers to go with them this time, sad that by his absence he was partially responsible for Wally’s death. The centaurs provide them with some arms and armor for the second attempt.

Aethelfirth wants to warm up, not having used many of his spells in quite some time. He decides to spar with Blath, and after accidentally casting fireball instead of magic missile and incinerating a small section of forest, he goes off to practice by himself, although not without a centaur escort to guard him.


Here are the session notes Travis sent me:

THe centies take us through the wilderness, nira asks about the monster.

They see smoke in the woods far off. They go to check it out to see if

its a harmful trespasser.

The centaurs go off alone.

They fine Justin Davis camping. He speaks elvin. So the centaurs say. "You

cant stay here unless you come with us."

“IF you leave you wont encounter the party”

They dont trust John Davis. So Davis agrees to go with them.

THey watch him closely.

He does not have a lot of possessions.

We all introduce ourselves.

Dustin and tori check the centaurs to see if they are pooping.

Dustin asks how the waether is up there? And the centaurs is SO into it

he loves talkin bout it. Like the back of his hoof. Dustin remember that

centaurs LOOOOVE WEATHER. THEY GET SO HOT FOR IT.TAlks about lightning

and shit…it’s terrible.

WE are taken toa clearing. They are tot cool with rain. They are deciding

what to do wit us. They want to clear desy out. They want us to get the

harp.They want to test our character

They ask. Are we willing to take a test?

Kathrine tries to decept the centaurs. It doesnt work

Dustin wants to take on the task all his own. He thinks dwarfs are the


Mark questions whether we would want to do the quest.Well we are damned

if we do, damned if we dont Mike suggests.

We find ourselves at teh base of a mountain in a heavily forested area

We have to go in a small hole

They want us to go in the hole. They wont wait for us.

They believe there are drow, which Manus questions.

They believe they’ve seen the drow hunting.

There is a cave. It spirals.

We find bodies in a room

Manus finds nothing interesting about the ceiling

no one disturbs the bodies. Manus says its bad luck. THe bodygaurd wont

touch it

we go down the lower passage

the party encounters a some asshooooles. They use poison cloud which

instantly kills like 5 of the party. Wally the Gaurd dies immediately

after a few desperate attemps to survive the party escapes having only

killed 2 of the four. John also went down, without a shirt on

The horses are sorry that we lost one of our party members but encouraged

us by saying that we can try again anytime.

The party decides to go back into the cave with ethel firth. Ethel

spars with Blath. Firth kicks his ass and decides to spar with a

centaur instead.

Session 9

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