Pirates D&D

Session 4

De-Werewolfing de Werewolf

Friday Night / Saturday morning

Trying hard to appeal to the werewolf but ultimately failing, the party then turns to debate over what to do with the werewolf. Manus McElroy champions the cause of mercy and lawfulness, to which the party eventually agrees. In the midst of the moonlit night, Segomo and Homer the Great go out to the nearest temple, where they find a priest, Brother Calum, who is willing to trust a fellow man of the cloth, and follows the emissaries back to Anselm’s house, where Finnegan and Anselm wait expectantly. With solemn, ritual incantations and movements, Brother Calum removes the curse of lycanthropy from the werewolf, who is held until dawn when the city guard can come to arrest him. The guards inform the party there will be a trial before a magistrate on Monday morning, and ask them to testify.

The group doesn’t stay together long before Blath and Thok go out to the docks seeking excitement and mystery. A single ship is lit from below-decks, and Blath and Thok go nearby to listen in. They overhear a brief description of a reward for finding the party, and talk of a meeting Saturday night with Kendrick the Red to move their stolen goods — a meeting delayed from this night due to Kendrick needing to take care of some business that came up.

Later, Kathrine goes to find Dalric and interviews him about Kendrick the Red. Katey finds out that Kendrick is known to have a business relationship with the Butcher and reminded that she shouldn’t be seeking out information about Kendrick in such a conspicuous way as in public at the docks.

The party rests to await the convocation.



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