Pirates D&D

Session 3

Your HP or Your GP!

Leaving the sewer, the party decides to rest and freshen up, sharpening swords, repairing armor, eating, and drinking, as they ponder their next move. Blath ventures to the dock and works a short but grueling day loading and unloading ships while he scopes out opportunities to steal, pocketing some beef jerky and some small bit of wool, but dreaming of much larger things, like a whole sweater.

As the dinner hour nears, the party joins Blath at the dock to look for work and information. Dalric the Dockmaster approaches to help the party, informing them there will be money to be made during dinner with an audience of hundreds and a talented group of bards. He also informs them about Captain AndrĂ© LeBoucher, the pirate captain whose ship captured them not long ago. Dalric informs the group that AndrĂ© is powerful. Also upon being asked about Kendrick the Red, Dalric intimates in hush tones that Kendrick’s name is best not mentioned openly around these parts. The conversation dies down and the party performs for their food in an epically Homer-fied performance that leaves the fans begging for more Homer. They earn not only their food but a sizable sum of gold for their troubles.

Moving on, the party waits out the remainder of the day’s light and goes out, under the full moon, to check out the sewer, seeking an explanation for the bodies that lie therein. Noticing a sleeping panther in the trees of the wood near the sewer entry, the party gets into hiding spots, splitting up between the wood and the sewer itself — which still stinks vigorously of carrion. Hearing a wolf howl and the answer of a group of woods afar off, the party waits and waits some more, until, unnoticed, the panther sneaks up on Homer, revealing himself as Finnegan. He takes them into Anselm’s house, letting himself in with a key, and in the course of conversation comes off as a likeable but fearful druid. Finnegan informs them that a werewolf has been depositing bodies here, but chastises them as amateurs for not having covered their scents and thereby scaring away the very explanation they seek. They arrange to meet back here the next day with plans to mask their smells, and Finnegan promises to help them with information, but has been traumatized by werewolves in his past and will absolutely not be involved in fighting one.

Returning the next night under a waning full moon, Blath masks his scent by crawling inside the carrion crawler’s corpse and covering himself with its entrails; the rest allow Finnegan, in cat form, to pee on them, and then hide themselves in the loose dirt of the sewer. The werewolf, unaware, brings a fresh kill into the sewer, only to be attacked and quickly defeated by the party. He is not killed, but knocked out, bound, and interrogated, but not without biting both Katey and Blath. He reveals little else than the location of his gold with the promise that the party will spare his life. The party searches his home, finding a thousand gold worth of jewelry, art, and coin, and a note that says:

I have a job for you. Come to me to discuss. -K




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