Pirates D&D

Session 11

Afraid but undeterred by the multitude of creatures down the drow hole, the party devises an ingenius plan. They send Homer, in gaseous form and invisible, down to investigate and get all the infromation they can before they make a decision. Homer, down the cave hole, discovers:

-at the entrance, two seated drow guards
-in a small room, two goblins, two drow, one table; goblins just started mining right wall
-in a hall, two slimes
-in a medium room, forging equipment, four shortswords on a rack by the wall
-in a large hall, four drow arguing in shouts
-blocking passage to the north, two seated drow guards
-in the northernmost area, 35 bedrolls, rats sniffing food, a stray pickaxe
-to the east of the bedrolls, a private room with a male and a female voice conversing and some furniture

Homer goes down the next day and finds only further punishment (goblins picking at a wall that doesn’t need to be torn down as they are whipped bloody), but does not explore further.

The third day, going down for the last time, Homer sees the great mass of goblins are tunnelling east, while a goblin familiar to Blath, injured and in an area where the drow don’t see him, is being tended to by another goblin. In the punishment area, a goblin screams as a spider eats him, two drow looking on all the while with satisfied sneers.



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