Pirates D&D

Session 14
Blath Gets Weird

-Segomo spends himself in fasting and prayer to divine what to do to raise Mira. The bowsprit of the ship glows, and then upon reaching the town, the spire of the temple of Ehlonna glows.
-Mira is raised in exchange for a month’s musical service at the temple of Ehlonna.
-The priestess’s name is Jenara, she likes Manus.
-She comes and visits Manus in his room but he plays it cool. She mentions he must be a good man and must love Mira very much. She eventually excuses herself, embarrassed, and offers not to bother Manus again.
-Mira when raised does not come to consciousness. Everybody clamors for answers but finds none. Even Kord relates to Segomo that her soul is hidden from him. Aethelfirth muses that the cause may be arcane, not divine.

On the third day, after Mira is raised, Blath disappears from town.

Session 13

The party goes to the sea to smash some kuo-toa after giving up on the harp.
They fight some kuo-toa. Aethelfirth fireballs the crap out of them and it’s down to 3 kuo-toa minions and two kuo-toa priests. They also capture one of the priests.

During the fight, Celine summons a demon (a yochlol) and it kills Mira. Manus goes on a rage, carrying Mira’s body on Brian all the way back to the ship in one night. Homer goes with him. Segomo goes part way with him, then stops. Aethelfirth stops as well, and Blath stays behind to dissect some kuo-toa, then after an hour or so realizes everybody’s left and catches up to, and stops with, Aethelfirth, the two of whom meet up with Segomo the following morning and they all go to the Amandine and set sail for the elven town.

Aboard the ship, Manus collapses of exhaustion, and upon awakening is spoken with and encouraged by Blath and by Aethelfirth, who urge him to strive forth and not give up on life.

Session 12

The party feels they cannot risk stirring up trouble with the drow and the goblin, but refusing to despair, they go to check out another drow location from the map. Entering in, they find an empty cave chamber, and a tunnel leading to the west. A few — Homer, Aethelfirth, and Manus — sally forth. Hearing footsteps approaching, they go up into a rope trick of Aethelfirth’s creation, to allow whomever is here to pass by. Two goblins come into sight, the injured goblin from before whom Blath knows, and the one who had been taking care of him. The nurse sets down his patient to tend to him a bit, as the injured goblin whispers, and then of a sudden they are caught by a drow priestess and mage. A nasty battle ensues wherein an insect plague drops everybody except Aethelfirth, but the party is victorious and they drag the drow priestess off as their prisoner. The goblins, however, did not survive.

Later reviving the drow priestess, they find her name is Celine. To the party’s inquiries she only responds with vain threats, but admits to knowing of the Golden Harp, letting slip that it would be a waste of its great power for Homer to carry out his plan of travelling the world and spreading the joy of music.

Making camp and with the centaur’s blessing to travel their lands freely, the party rests. They are awoken by almost a dozen glow beetles in the night, but fight them off and go back to their rest.

In the morning, Mira shows the to the party and to Celine, a small black and silver slate-shaped object, and mystifies them with its great power as she causes its face to emit images and pictures, and without motion to be seen, play sounds as well.

Session 11

Afraid but undeterred by the multitude of creatures down the drow hole, the party devises an ingenius plan. They send Homer, in gaseous form and invisible, down to investigate and get all the infromation they can before they make a decision. Homer, down the cave hole, discovers:

-at the entrance, two seated drow guards
-in a small room, two goblins, two drow, one table; goblins just started mining right wall
-in a hall, two slimes
-in a medium room, forging equipment, four shortswords on a rack by the wall
-in a large hall, four drow arguing in shouts
-blocking passage to the north, two seated drow guards
-in the northernmost area, 35 bedrolls, rats sniffing food, a stray pickaxe
-to the east of the bedrolls, a private room with a male and a female voice conversing and some furniture

Homer goes down the next day and finds only further punishment (goblins picking at a wall that doesn’t need to be torn down as they are whipped bloody), but does not explore further.

The third day, going down for the last time, Homer sees the great mass of goblins are tunnelling east, while a goblin familiar to Blath, injured and in an area where the drow don’t see him, is being tended to by another goblin. In the punishment area, a goblin screams as a spider eats him, two drow looking on all the while with satisfied sneers.

Session 10

At centaur’s camp, Desmond and Segomo talk about where they’re from and why they’re here. Segomo says his relationship with the party is of mutal benefit and that besides, he’s grown to like these guys

Later, Katey asks what the motivation is for going back to the cave, wanting to be convinced that it’s worth the hassle. They’re unsure what to say, but Homer feels certain that glory lies ahead.

Manus proposes faking death in the cave and giving the centaurs the slip. They discuss for a while what they’re going to try and do, possibly not fight at all, but finally resolve to fight, giving themselves better odds this time now that they know what they face and have Aethelfirth with them.

Arriving back at the cave, they go in and kick ass, and find 4 backpacks, 10 rations, 4 bedrolls, a campfire, and a used chalk piece, opting not to disturb the interred bodies in the upper room.

Searching further, Segomo finds on the west cave wall a big chalk X mark, as well as a note that shows a centaur in the lower right, a drow in the upper left, and some X’s and O’s in between.

Blath, carrying the drow mage up to the upper area to be interred next to his brethren, suddenly perceives him still breathing and drops the mage on his head, killing him and making a blood trail, then continuing dragging until all the blood’s out.

Back at centaur camp, the party resolves to have a funeral for Wally, their fallen brother, during which Aethelfirth says some kind words. Katey stands stone-faced and goes off by herself afterward.

After the funeral, the party discusses the note with the centaur and decide it is most likely a map, the X’s and O’s denoting locations of two types, and resolve to visit another spot on this map.

Segomo and Desmond go down a hidden hole that leads to a tunnel and then a staircase, and sneaking down the stairs, come upon the sight of two drow guards and the sound of a crowd of voices. They sneak back up to tell the party and make a plan.

Session 9

The party marches through the forest with the centaur guards. On the journey, Mira asks the centaurs about the sea monster. They do not know why it is active as of late, but it does not threaten their lands and they don’t much worry about it.

Continuing the journey, the centaurs stop all of a sudden, having spotted a plume of smoke. A few go to check it out, and none of the party wants to go with them, so they stay behind. When the 3 centaurs find the campsite, they discover Desmund, a shirtless monk. Desmund speaks Elven, and the centaurs speak to him and tell him nobody is allowed in their lands unescorted, and they will take him to the elders, along with the party, so the elders can decide what to do with all these people. Desmund introduces himself to the party when the centaurs bring him back to the group.

On the way to the elders, Mira and Segomo check the centaurs’ butts as they walk to see if they poop while they walk, like horses, but it is unclear as there is no pooping at the present time.

Segomo, trying to make idle chat with the centaurs, asks about the weather, launching the apparent leader of the guard into a long rant about the weather; he knows it like the back of his hoof, as do many centaurs, for they follow the weather in order to spot omens.

The party arrives at a clearing as it begins raining, with the centaur elders standing and discussing their fates. The guards are chastised somewhat, to the party’s satisfaction, for their suggestion that they should follow the party everywhere until they are off centaur lands. A better solution, it is decided, is that the party will be given a test, which is to help the centaurs clear out the remaining drow in the area, so that eventually the centaurs can leave this area better than they found it and move on in their migration. Desmund volunteers to go along, and the party makes way to a cave, with a small mouth, at the base of a mountain, a cave which centaurs have been unable to get into in order to explore and clear it out.

Entering the cave, they see before long, graffiti on the walls, a lewd depiction of a drow with a large knife disemboweling a centaur. Exploring further, they find interred in an upper passage seven deceased drow, and wisely choose not to disturb them for fear of the consequences. Manus says it’s bad luck to disturb a body, and Katey‘s bodyguard, Wally, won’t touch them either. They go into a lower passage which spirals slowly down and follows a small stream. At the bottom of the passage, a great room with walls too far away to see opens before them, and as Segomo is unable to keep stealthy, the noise of their passage alerts some drow — two fighters and two wizards — who are in the room, who run to the adventurers and engage them in battle.

Although they get hit with a good thunderwave, the first thing the drow wizards do is cast a large poison cloud, which severely harms all but Segomo and Homer, who have rushed forward in battle to engage in melee. Wally goes down instantly and most of the party, shocked and dismayed at this turn of events, turns tail and gets out of there, although Segomo stays behind to slay two drow fighters. Desmund passes out but, still breathing, is picked up by Manus and rescued. The last thing the party sees before leaving is both drow wizards casting Greater Invisibility.

After returning to the centaurs and telling the tale, the centaurs grieve that the party was not as heroic as the centaurs had assumed from their mission of finding a legendary item such as the Golden Harp. They decide to rest up and try again, and Aethelfirth volunteers to go with them this time, sad that by his absence he was partially responsible for Wally’s death. The centaurs provide them with some arms and armor for the second attempt.

Aethelfirth wants to warm up, not having used many of his spells in quite some time. He decides to spar with Blath, and after accidentally casting fireball instead of magic missile and incinerating a small section of forest, he goes off to practice by himself, although not without a centaur escort to guard him.

Session 8
Livin' the Dream

Still in the realm of dreams, the party continues out the door at Kendrick the Dead’s instruction, and finds on the other side, a cavern where they encounter Herman Sewald. Although he continually tries to evade, both physically and verbally, the party hounds him, unfazed by a group of zombies he sends to belay them, nor by an illusory wall he conjures. Catching up to him, they demand from him all his magical goods, from the man’s hat down to his boots, and attempting to excuse himself and escape but caught dead to rights by the party, he finally accepts his fate and strips himself of all his valuable magic items. The party picks up his stuff and they retrace their steps back to Kendrick.

Kendrick is pleased with the party’s inflexibility which denied all Herman’s pleas to keep his dignity or his items, and grinning, shows them their reward: the night hag, who holds a golden egg and wears a nasty smile. The night hag’s face falls when she reaches for and grasps her heartstone and it does nothing; she is trapped in the dreamworld with them. She offers the egg for her life, telling the party that it holds the answer they seek, but they have none of it; the party defeats her with great satisfaction. During the battle, Katey knocks the egg from her hand, at which time it turns to stone and hits the ground. The battle finishes when Mira, equipped with a lightning-infused crossbow, blasts the night hag in the eye with a critical hit, causing her head to explode with electrical overload and her body to burn instantly and fly back and hit the cavern wall.

Victorious, the party goes to investigate the egg. Blath tries placing it in a hole in the ground, touching it in various ways, and finally touching it to the night hag, which causes it to turn to gold, and then stay gold when he takes it back from the night hag’s dead hand. Not knowing what else to do with it, they take it back to Kendrick the Dead, whereupon he asks what is inside of it. The party responds that they don’t know, so Kendrick puts out his hand, Blath places it into Kendrick’s hand, and Kendrick suddenly raises it up and smashes it down at his desk, whereupon it shatters and reveals a note which says, “He who does not work shall not eat.” At this, they wake up into the real world.

The party tells their incredible dream to Aethelfirth and Manus McElroy, who did not appear in it with them, sharing the clue with them also. Blath makes sure to sketch into his notebook some scenes from his dream with an eye toward detail, and Katey hopes for a better day when she and Herman Sewald’s hat will be reunited outside the dream world. Continuing on and walking along the beaches to get around the sea, they fish for food as they go and march many miles along the shores. Toward evening time, they see as they crest a hill, a group of kuo-toa on the beach below, and a thick forest to the west in which there are centaurs watching silently. Many kuo-toa come out of the water onto the beach, organizing around three shamans in front of three campfires, who orchestrate a wild ritual. The party goes to hide in the forest, considers rolling a log onto the beach below to kill some kuo-toa, but ultimately deciding to merely observe, as the centaurs do. As the kuo-toa dance and shout, the fires give off white smoke, which gathers all above the central fire into a great white cloud against a darkening sky. Soon, black lightning bolts begin to flash within the cloud, and finally they take shape: a sea monster rising from waves. No sooner does the shape form and flash than a great boom is heard, and all returns to smoke. The ritual dies down and the fires are left to embers as the kuo-toa march toward the water.
Hoping for an explanation, the party approaches the five centaur soldiers, who are well-armed and looking quite serious. Through Mira, who speaks Sylvan, they are able to converse together. The centaurs do not know what the kuo-toa were doing exactly; they are only concerned with keeping them from encroaching into their forest. They do not know where the Golden Harp is and are disgusted when Blath throws a small bag of gold in front of them, telling the party that they are not liars who would tell the truth for gold. Manus, also acting disgusted, kicks dirt onto the gold and asks them to excuse his friend. The centaurs continue that the harp belongs to the elves, who were driven out of this area by the dark elves, who in turn have been mostly driven out by the centaurs. They think it ought to go back to the elves if found.

The centaurs demand that the party come with them if they want to be allowed on their land, and the party agrees to the escort, reasoning that they are safer with the centaurs and can get away from them later if necessary. On the way into the forest, the party finds a spot to set up camp. Aethelfirth has no blanket and asks around for one, and not finding one, asks Manus whether he can shave Brian, Manus’s trusty donkey, and use the hairs to build a nest in which to sleep. Finding this ridiculous, the party instead arranges sleep in shifts such that each can have a blanket while he or she sleeps. Manus and Blath sit by the fire a bit and talk about life, musing about adventure and about glory.

Being able to fight well isn’t honorable or laudable except that it keeps you alive longer to see more of the world, methinks. -Blath

Bonus Session
Bonus Session Y'All!

Our friends found themselves sailing on a beautiful day, with the sun shining, the water crystal clear, the breeze warm, the waters themselves warm, many colored fish darting about therein…
Below decks, Mira spent her time reading. Katey was constructing a special carriage at the sternside hull of the ship, Blath was enjoying the view at the bow of the vessel, and all were engaged in various ways of passing time. Hearing the horking of a seal, the party’s interests were piqued, and they looked to see where it came from.
Although it was interesting to see a seal who swam away at their approach, what was more interesting was the perch the seal sat upon above the water. It was the tip of a bowsprit, pointed upwards, just sticking out of the waters! A ship was sunken there, on a downward slope. Although our friends searched for Captain William to gain his opinion, they found him not, but suddenly remembered at the first mate’s prompting that he had gone on leave some time ago, with Manus also, stopping for shore-time on a tropical island some ways back.
A little baffled at this discrepency in memory, they stood puzzled. Disarmoring, Segomo dove into the waters to search the forecastle. After prying open the door, he found the remnants of a married man, as well as a variety of items. The wedding band engraved “I shall thee love no matter the distance” he left upon the ring finger of the skeleton, but the trident, coinage, and compass he took.
Entreating his friends to come into the water with him, Segomo then swam to the sternside hatch about forty feet below the surface. With the aid of his friends, they knocked the hatch open, and entered into the dark chamber, cloudy with debris and sediment owing to their rough entry. In order to see better, Homer was magically illuminated to show the contents therein. Mostly there were floating crates and boxes with all sorts of mundanities within, as well as some tequila, and a barracuda that the cleric had disturbed from its resting spot. Favoring the trident for underwater combat, Segomo made quick work of the barracuda, although it lacerated his forearm badly.
Mira, not wishing to dally underwater any longer than was necessary, swam upwards, for she had noticed a pocket of air above. At the surface, she saw a room which lingered above the water about five feet. She recruited the dwarf’s stout shoulders to boost her up into the cove, which she, being the lightest and one of the tallest, was best suited to grab. She helped her friends also, holding a rope, to enter into this fore-part of the ship, a small room turned on its side with the sinking of the boat.
A little prodding in this highly cluttered area revealed two dire rats which defensively attacked the group. In the confusion of immensely close-quartered combat, a skeleton wearing only a loincloth and a ball and chain on its foot rose up, took hold of Mira, and plunged out of the room into the waters below.
Mira, in shock, was not able to take a deep breath before her plunge and had perhaps thirty seconds to escape the grip of this bony nightmare. Without Homer’s light, she was being dragged into the dark depths, trying to squirm free to no avail, pulled by the weight of the ball and chain, desperately keeping the clamping teeth away from her neck with her left hand, and frantically stabbing with the knife in her right. Seconds passed, but the party did not come to her aid, save Katey’s guard, who could see nothing without Homer.
As she plummeted deeper, twenty five feet below, bumping into crates and barrels, she heard her dwarven ally plunge downwards. Mira, with a few good blows, severed the skeletal right arm, which though still clinging to her shirt was no longer pulling her. Segomo descended quickly and severed the beast at its spine, leaving the ball and chain to plummet rapidly to the bottom, and easing Mira’s escape. Finally she wriggled free from its grasp and burst to the waters’ surface just as she thought her lungs might explode. The dwarf ended the last remaining vigor of Mira’s bony foe.
Meanwhile, marked by a distinct callousness for the welfare of the lady bard, whose own words to herself were “I thought I was going to die,” Blath and Homer looted indiscriminately. Looking in a mirror marked “Veritas”, Blath noticed a secret compartment behind him, which was not revealed to his naked eye. Thrusting his blade within, he found the wall to be illusory. Homer quickly obtained from within an item that Mira would later recognize as Perseus’ Shield, a buckler which could reflect a spell back on its caster, as well as a crossbow engraved with lightning bolts.
Leaving the wreck, Blath used some magics he thought he knew to detect the magical ability of the items. Realizing Segomo’s golden compass was magical, they began to follow it. For it had no normal head, but a skull was at the end of the magnet, and it pointed them eastward.
These sailors set sail for some days, and they suddenly passed through a dense ring of fog and found a place where the waters were calm and a large rock spire rose from the sea. At this point, Katey realized something was not right, for she recalled something of this in the past. She asked where the captain was, recalling also that he said he would not ever leave the ship to sail without him. She asked several questions to the first mate, none of which matched her own vague memories of what existed. She began to doubt the reality of their situation, and even realized she did not actually remember meeting such a first mate, or any such crew as was there. Spreading her conspiracy to her friends, they too began to realize that they did not remember where they came from, or why they were here. The golden rings they played with in their hair, or in their ears, they realized they did not previously own. They realized, too, that they had not been sailing for some years together as the crew insisted, and they grew angry. The crew became afraid of their bellicosity and suspicion, and retreated below decks. Homer, seized by a bizarre frenzy, attempted to set the Amandine ablaze, before leaping out and following the party to the rock spire, wading in through the shallow waters beyond the sandbar.
They tried the steel-reinforced wooden door, but could not open it. Attempting to view it in the mystical mirror, they saw two skeletal guards standing next to them, and the writings “Say ‘friend’ and enter here” in Giant, a language which Mira spoke. Homer, thus, said “friend” and the door swung open with ease.
In a sort of mania, Homer Thunder-Waved the entrance, causing a general disturbance of the peace, and some discomfort to the skeletal guards, which remained at post. Not to be satisfied with just that, as he entered the spiraling hallway, he harrassed the two cowled guards at the point of entry into the main room. As he stepped near them, he could make no figure of what resided within their cloaks, save the cockroaches which, when Homer’s boot fell nearby, scurried underneath the robe and were not seen again.
After investigating these guardians for some time, they finally worked up the resolve to enter. Therein was seen an oil lamp upon a table full of gold, daggers and books, which was the centerpiece to this open cavern room. At the desk sat a skeleton, wearing suspenders and striped pantaloons, as well as a dated buccaneer hat with a single, thin red feather, a little frumpy. Behind him was a vampire at guard.
Segomo sat down at the table in front of this skeletal figure, who had as yet not moved. Mira, too, sat down. It appeared to take offense at Segomo’s inquiries without proper introduction, and so as Segomo stood to introduce himself, so too did the skeleton, who shook Mira’s hand also. “I am Kendrick the Dead, and who are you others, who have marched into my humble abode so cavalierly?”
At that, a bit of tequila was poured all around, and a mop was brought nearby. Introductions were established Although he seemed uninterested in explaining what was going on for them, Kendrick the Dead did inform them on most of the matters of their questions. They were in a dream, but a dream they were all sharing, and so in fact this was quite different from a normal dream. They were existing on a dreamplane, inhabited by all who dream, although most who dream here are purely made of dreamstuff— insubstantial, temporary. But for our friends, and for Kendrick, it was different. They were really on this plane, not just imaginitatively, brought together in the interests of treasure. Kendrick loved the treasure that had ceased existing in the material planes and had found its way here, and they sought after things from the material world. For reasons unknown to the party, Kendrick possessed a certain individual who they wished to see, but he would only show her to them if they granted him a boon.
He needed a special rod back from one Herman Sewald, which he himself was reluctant to obtain as it had the power to destroy those enjoying unlife. He also requested whatever magical items were on Henry’s person, spare none. Agreeing to this exchange, Kendrick assured them that whatever power or fate had bound them here, as well as the special visitor in his custody, would awaken them once it was satisfied.
But how would they find Herman? “Rest assured, friends,” said the handsome bones in a buccaneer’s hat, “that this is the world of dreams. You will find what you seek. Just walk back out of the door. You will find what you seek.”

Session 7
The Night Hag

The capture of the Amandine has given the crew a strong call to the horizon. Katey thinks it best to go after an item of legend and searches within Roack for a library at which to research, soon finding the small but well-appointed home library of an old wizard named Aethelfirth. Inside, Aethelfirth seats them in a beautiful wood-paneled library, lights the candles with a wave of his hand, and goes off to get them some tea. While Aethelfirth is absent, the adventurers get their hands on the old tome Forgotten Items of Yesterday, which contains large, full, beautifully illustrated pages devoted to 30 powerful items lost to time. Turning at Homer‘s suggestion to the section on instruments, they find descriptions and illustrations of the Golden Harp, a harp all of gold whose dulcet tones are sweet and perfect, and the Mandolin of Yelm, an instrument played by a famous bard of ancient times named Yelm who founded the City of Yelm. Ripping out the instruments page and mending a new one back in, they decide to find the Golden Harp somewhere in the mountains of central Isle Tagus, just as Aethelfirth comes back and, inspecting his book, apologizes for the lowly state of his book’s pages.

Aethelfirth looks forward to the concert that night, asking whether The Commodores would be playing, and showing his age and absentmindedness a bit in conversation with the group. He speaks about the last time he left his tower with his wife, who has been gone 20 years, and the party is inspired to invite him along on their adventures. He packs a wand, his clothes, and several books, and is ready to go.

Later that night, a roaring and wild concert takes place aboard the Amandine, heard from the docks and shore, as Katey raps confidently, Homer does drummer’s sleight of hand tricks, and Blath rocks the crowd with “Malintended Poultices”. Before they are able to leave the poop deck which they’ve been using as stage, a lone man all the way from Pemberton shouts out for an encore of Free Bird, a song only our group knows how to play.

After the lucrative concert, the crew leaves on their search for tomorrow. Aboard, Mira and Aethelfirth bond over their love of reading, while Homer bonds with him over books as well, Homer himself being an author and Aethelfirth being quite experienced, even having written the introduction to the tome Murdrick’s Tales. Katey bonds in a different way with Aethelfirth, showing him a good time in the boudoir and sharing meaningful, intimate glances with him for the rest of the voyage.

After reaching the mouth of the Vëarainë Channel, a week into their two-week journey, the party goes ashore a night into the town of Ethir at the advice of Captain William and enjoys food and drink at Bard’s Inn, while learning that the Golden Harp is of elvish make, later possessed by the dark elves in the mountainous region of central Isle Tagus, before being lost to time when the centaurs drove the elves out of the region. Katey also adds to her number an elvish woman named Lorrean, who will command a high price in prostitution owing to her beautiful elven countenance.

Heading out again onto the river toward the Vëarainë Sea, the party sails a couple more days and stops where the river meets the sea, again on William’s advice, for he sees no ships on what is normally in his experience a perfectly busy sea. Going briefly onto land to find someone to speak with, he learns that a great sea monster is active in the sea of late and ships are staying in port. William drops the Amandine’s anchor and the party decides to go around on foot.

An hour into their walking journey, and heading into a dark, twisted swamp of dead trees and awful smells, the party hears a voice ahead of them, appearing to belong to a beautiful Sylvan woman, who is lost and needs help, but who knows the location of the Golden Harp and will inform the party if they will please her by killing Aethelfirth, whom she immediately hates. The party, with a shout of “Time to die, harlot!”, draws weapons and advances, whereupon it is revealed she is a night hag. Aethelfirth, still cowering and then unable to find his wand, is useless in the battle, but Manus, Mira, and Blath cleverly pass the sword of Andre back and forth amongst one another in order to overcome the hag’s tough skin, almost defeating her as she cackles and intimidates Katey. Just as they would have swung a killing blow, the hag reaches to a necklace upon her bosom and, grasping it, disappears.


Session 6

After resting up and healing up, including removing the curse of Blath‘s lycanthropy, the group goes down to the docks to see about chartering a ship to chase after the Amandine. As they wait for Captain Johnathan’s ship to come into port, they are approached by a young teeanage messenger who delivers a request for a meeting from Kendrick the Red.

Later, near Port Suranne, and almost missing them entirely, the party catches up to the Amandine, boarding and capturing it with very little resistance. Throwing the pirate crew into the brig and rescuing Captain William and his crew, they begin discussions and a rigorous interview process with William, unanimously deciding to hire him and his crew. William makes clear that he will tend the ship and serve faithfully in exchange for a double share of any loot gained during his service, and that he will run a tight ship. He brings three of his own crew: Gilbert, Geoffrey, and Simon.

The party discusses leaving on a short trip to see what William and his boys can do, and on the way to a cove along the north shore of Isle Tagus, are impressed by the skill and professionalism of the men.

Aboard the Amandine, Finnd and Cormac, they from the pirate crew with whom Manus enjoyed reminiscence of Old Common and the Old Country, ask Manus for a special mercy. They intimate that nothing awaits them on land and they’re men of the sea who will, if allowed, serve faithfully aboard the ship and ask nothing else in return. The other six of the pirate crew are taken to the jailer to be held for 30 days and, if not brought to trial by then, released to go free.


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