Desmund Riverfowl

Male human monk


A man of slightly above average height, short blonde hair, and a sculpted body who seldom wore a shirt with sleeves, Desmund was an imposing figure14. Fortunately, he normally wore a smile. He was raised as a monk in the Four Winds’ Monastery in [insert far southern country]. His parents abandoned him there as a child, but he does not bear them ill will for it: His life in the Monastery was welcoming. The elders there became like his parents, and the other pupils his brothers.
He was favored among them because he was very talented at the martial arts techniques, which came from his impressive training regimen more than anything. Eventually he was granted more important tasks than chores around the grounds when he was about 19 years old. One such mission was to escort a spiritual leader, the [insert title, or use ‘Barshama’], of the temple, an elderly woman named Polgara Hillsmead who was beloved by everyone in the monastery, through the wilds to the South on a trip to the capital city.
There were frequent bad omens and signs along the way, as Polgara mentioned more than once. Desmund wanted to continue forward and largely ignored her, which he later came to gravely regret. At night they were beset by a large band of bandits, who seemed to know just where they would be alongside the road and surprised the pair of travelers. Desmund fought bravely but couldn’t keep up with so many foes, and Polgara was killed. Desmund managed to flee by sliding down the rocky mountainside, which left him scarred. He took a week to recover enough to travel again.
Upon returning to the Monastery everyone had heard the news already, and thought he ran away. In particular another young monk named Renton Mirtheir called out to him in the center of the grounds and said that he was a disgrace for betraying the beloved Barshama Penary and giving her to the bandits. This enraged Desmund so badly that he struck down Renton and left him with four broken ribs. He was summoned to the elder’s chambers afterwards. Desmund was banished, for attacking a member of the monastery and failing his mission. There were whisperings that he had been in on the ambush all along.
Since then Desmund has been traveling the land alone, trying to find some way to regain his honor. He helps those he can along the way but seems very hesitant to stay anywhere for a length of time. He rarely fights any more, but always has kept up his regimen of training to be sure that he’s ready when the time comes.


Desmund Riverfowl

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