Pirates D&D

Session 6

After resting up and healing up, including removing the curse of Blath‘s lycanthropy, the group goes down to the docks to see about chartering a ship to chase after the Amandine. As they wait for Captain Johnathan’s ship to come into port, they are approached by a young teeanage messenger who delivers a request for a meeting from Kendrick the Red.

Later, near Port Suranne, and almost missing them entirely, the party catches up to the Amandine, boarding and capturing it with very little resistance. Throwing the pirate crew into the brig and rescuing Captain William and his crew, they begin discussions and a rigorous interview process with William, unanimously deciding to hire him and his crew. William makes clear that he will tend the ship and serve faithfully in exchange for a double share of any loot gained during his service, and that he will run a tight ship. He brings three of his own crew: Gilbert, Geoffrey, and Simon.

The party discusses leaving on a short trip to see what William and his boys can do, and on the way to a cove along the north shore of Isle Tagus, are impressed by the skill and professionalism of the men.

Aboard the Amandine, Finnd and Cormac, they from the pirate crew with whom Manus enjoyed reminiscence of Old Common and the Old Country, ask Manus for a special mercy. They intimate that nothing awaits them on land and they’re men of the sea who will, if allowed, serve faithfully aboard the ship and ask nothing else in return. The other six of the pirate crew are taken to the jailer to be held for 30 days and, if not brought to trial by then, released to go free.



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