Pirates D&D

Session 14

Blath Gets Weird

-Segomo spends himself in fasting and prayer to divine what to do to raise Mira. The bowsprit of the ship glows, and then upon reaching the town, the spire of the temple of Ehlonna glows.
-Mira is raised in exchange for a month’s musical service at the temple of Ehlonna.
-The priestess’s name is Jenara, she likes Manus.
-She comes and visits Manus in his room but he plays it cool. She mentions he must be a good man and must love Mira very much. She eventually excuses herself, embarrassed, and offers not to bother Manus again.
-Mira when raised does not come to consciousness. Everybody clamors for answers but finds none. Even Kord relates to Segomo that her soul is hidden from him. Aethelfirth muses that the cause may be arcane, not divine.

On the third day, after Mira is raised, Blath disappears from town.



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