Pirates D&D

Session 13

The party goes to the sea to smash some kuo-toa after giving up on the harp.
They fight some kuo-toa. Aethelfirth fireballs the crap out of them and it’s down to 3 kuo-toa minions and two kuo-toa priests. They also capture one of the priests.

During the fight, Celine summons a demon (a yochlol) and it kills Mira. Manus goes on a rage, carrying Mira’s body on Brian all the way back to the ship in one night. Homer goes with him. Segomo goes part way with him, then stops. Aethelfirth stops as well, and Blath stays behind to dissect some kuo-toa, then after an hour or so realizes everybody’s left and catches up to, and stops with, Aethelfirth, the two of whom meet up with Segomo the following morning and they all go to the Amandine and set sail for the elven town.

Aboard the ship, Manus collapses of exhaustion, and upon awakening is spoken with and encouraged by Blath and by Aethelfirth, who urge him to strive forth and not give up on life.



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