Pirates D&D

Session 12

The party feels they cannot risk stirring up trouble with the drow and the goblin, but refusing to despair, they go to check out another drow location from the map. Entering in, they find an empty cave chamber, and a tunnel leading to the west. A few — Homer, Aethelfirth, and Manus — sally forth. Hearing footsteps approaching, they go up into a rope trick of Aethelfirth’s creation, to allow whomever is here to pass by. Two goblins come into sight, the injured goblin from before whom Blath knows, and the one who had been taking care of him. The nurse sets down his patient to tend to him a bit, as the injured goblin whispers, and then of a sudden they are caught by a drow priestess and mage. A nasty battle ensues wherein an insect plague drops everybody except Aethelfirth, but the party is victorious and they drag the drow priestess off as their prisoner. The goblins, however, did not survive.

Later reviving the drow priestess, they find her name is Celine. To the party’s inquiries she only responds with vain threats, but admits to knowing of the Golden Harp, letting slip that it would be a waste of its great power for Homer to carry out his plan of travelling the world and spreading the joy of music.

Making camp and with the centaur’s blessing to travel their lands freely, the party rests. They are awoken by almost a dozen glow beetles in the night, but fight them off and go back to their rest.

In the morning, Mira shows the to the party and to Celine, a small black and silver slate-shaped object, and mystifies them with its great power as she causes its face to emit images and pictures, and without motion to be seen, play sounds as well.



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