Pirates D&D

Session 10

At centaur’s camp, Desmond and Segomo talk about where they’re from and why they’re here. Segomo says his relationship with the party is of mutal benefit and that besides, he’s grown to like these guys

Later, Katey asks what the motivation is for going back to the cave, wanting to be convinced that it’s worth the hassle. They’re unsure what to say, but Homer feels certain that glory lies ahead.

Manus proposes faking death in the cave and giving the centaurs the slip. They discuss for a while what they’re going to try and do, possibly not fight at all, but finally resolve to fight, giving themselves better odds this time now that they know what they face and have Aethelfirth with them.

Arriving back at the cave, they go in and kick ass, and find 4 backpacks, 10 rations, 4 bedrolls, a campfire, and a used chalk piece, opting not to disturb the interred bodies in the upper room.

Searching further, Segomo finds on the west cave wall a big chalk X mark, as well as a note that shows a centaur in the lower right, a drow in the upper left, and some X’s and O’s in between.

Blath, carrying the drow mage up to the upper area to be interred next to his brethren, suddenly perceives him still breathing and drops the mage on his head, killing him and making a blood trail, then continuing dragging until all the blood’s out.

Back at centaur camp, the party resolves to have a funeral for Wally, their fallen brother, during which Aethelfirth says some kind words. Katey stands stone-faced and goes off by herself afterward.

After the funeral, the party discusses the note with the centaur and decide it is most likely a map, the X’s and O’s denoting locations of two types, and resolve to visit another spot on this map.

Segomo and Desmond go down a hidden hole that leads to a tunnel and then a staircase, and sneaking down the stairs, come upon the sight of two drow guards and the sound of a crowd of voices. They sneak back up to tell the party and make a plan.



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